Night Searching is very different from daytime searches. The Ranger team has come up with some guidelines for deploying the unit at night with regards to safety and productivity.

  • Victim in danger of not surviving the night due to weather, medical, age, etc.
  • Higher probability of locating victim (wants to be found, having a place last seen, etc.)
  • Small area to search. Small specialized team for Type 1 Search on foot or in vehicle.
  • Night team can help setup a base of operation for deployment of searchers at first light. (Locate helicopter LZ, setup communications trailer, plan search, etc.)

If deployed, the Night Team would require two or more Night Trained Rangers, plus a Base or Communications Officer for communications and safety. The team has experimented and trained at night to determine our strengths and limits for night deployment. This all volunteer team has equipped themselves the best they can for this challenging task.