WMSAR came into existence in 1995, created by a group of friends with diverse backgrounds, but with the same vision:

  • Create one of the best trained, well equipped, all volunteer Search & Rescue Organizations in West Michigan, so That Others May Live.
  • Following this vision, WMSAR personnel have dedicated many volunteer hours in working and training with local agencies and organizations to become a credible, professional organization.

The Need for a Search And Rescue Team in West Michigan

  • West Michigan, with its many parks, trails and recreation areas, and its growing popularity as a desirable retirement location, has a high potential for lost persons.

WMSAR's Role in the West Michigan Community

  • It may be asked, why not just let the police and fire departments search for the lost person? Law enforcement typically handles the incident command function of a search, but might not have the resources available to cover large search areas. Firefighters may also be utilized during a search, but their extensive training and equipment better prepares them for building, confined space, and vehicular accident rescue. It is unusual to find either police or fireman that are issued or have protective clothing, personal navigational equipment, foot wear, or other gear and training that are necessary for searching rough terrain.
  • WMSAR supplements the efforts of law enforcement and fire rescue by bringing to these agencies a well trained, well equiped, dedicated ground search and rescue crew that specializes in land navigation and experience in lost person behavior.