In an EMERGENCY, call 911.

Our volunteers can not be "self deployed" or called out by private citizens. We are called out by Law Enforcement, Fire Dept., or an Emergency Coordinator.

If you are outside Ottawa County and are Law Enforcement, a Fire Dept., an Emergency Coordinator, or an organization and need to contact us for immediate assistance, call Ottawa County Sheriff Dispatch at 1-800-249-0911. If you are in Ottawa County, call 911 and tell dispatch that you need West Michigan Search And Rescue.


For any questions or information on how to join, please email us directly at:

(Please don't forget to include contact information. Email or phone number.)

Someone will contact you to answer any questions and give you directions to our meeting place. Before joining our group, we invite you to come to a couple meetings before completing an application form, which will include a criminal background check. As a volunteer agency that works directly under Law Enforcement we cannot allow applicants with a criminal history to be part of our team.

You must be able to attend the majority of the meetings in Ottawa County during the year to be a member. We meet the first Thursday of the month at 7pm.